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The 14th annual Ridgestock event at the North Columbia School House is scheduled for August 17th from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. This years event will feature music acts of Mojo Green a 7 piece funk band out of Reno, Zepparella a female Led Zepplin cover band, Mount Whateverest and The Justin Ancheta Band as well as a celebration of community and a kids program in the mid to late afternoon, featuring Izzi TOOINSKY's amazing juggling.

Both Zepparella and Mojo Green offer a daytime family vibe and which is accompanied with a festival atmosphere in the evening.

Click here for tickets or call (530) 477-4724
Price $25

Mount Whateverest music video shot on location in Nevada City 

The event was created by Roo Cantada with some friends in 1999 as a small San Juan Ridge music venue which has grown to encompass the whole community coming together to work toward a common vision of sustainability.

This year speakers will be coordinated by Mud And Pearls, a local organization that hosts hands on workshops. The short talks and workshops will feature a wide range of topics including solar power, alternative building, etc. Organizers hope to have more workshops and hands on learning than in years past. 

Informational, organic food and craft vendors booths will fill in the pine shaded grounds of the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center along with a kid's space and performance, and picnic area. 

"Throughout the years, and with the community's commitment to positive change, Ridgestock has featured renowned speakers on topics such as alternative energy sources, cob and strawbale building, organic gardening and farming, energy efficient cars, local economy forums, and more." The events website states.

Cheetin Buzzies 2008, Ridgestock

In past year there has been an after party at the Brass Rail Tavern in North San Juan. So if you are looking for a place to go after the all-day show check here.

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