Sunday, July 14, 2013


This summer my family made a trip to the Boise river in search of Hank Patterson's Cutty-Rain-Brown.If you are unfamiliar with Hank (click here). We did call Hank who is the self proclaimed worlds best fly fishing guide but he was already guiding his number one client "Reese" for the day so we did not have a chance to try the Betty White fly or his Grass Shrimp nymph but he was kind enough to tell us where to go to look for the the Boise river's CRB.

We waded into the middle of the river and stood next to a local where we observed the locals techniques. The local we will call Greg said he knew the water well as he had been living in town for about three weeks. 

 He told us to open and close your fly box 100 times while encouraging your fly to take flight which gives the fly a more natural presentation.

 We fished for a few hours without much luck so the local went into his fly box and said for me to try his special fly he called "Goldie." On my first cast I hooked into a beautiful fish.

  Here is a young man we will call Jackson who also caught a Boise Bow! He used a weighted leech pattern.

The Boise River runs right through town and offers some excellent fishing opportunities. There were three fish caught on the day but none of them were the CRB nor did we have the opportunity to see or meet Hank Pattereson none the less it was a great day spent with friends.

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