Monday, May 20, 2013


On Saturday evening the Bear River Little League Major Athletics defeated the BR Brewers by a score of 3-1 which has resulted in the teams to hold identical record of 15-2 with 4 games to play.

The Brewers lost to the Athletics and the Sierra Foothill Nationals 8-5 while the A's lost to the Brewers 10-7 and the Bear River Tigers by a score of 6-4.

It was the Athletics league loss to the Tigers on April 13 has resulted in the Brewers to sit at the top of the standings. The Brewers has only 1 league loss while the Athletics have 2.

As we look forward to the final few weeks of the season it is very clear the Brewers have the easiest road home as they do not play a team who is currently in first place in their respective leagues. The Athletics on the other hand will play the Sierra Foothill Orioles who are #1 in their league as well as the Penn Valley White Sox who are #1 in their league. The in their final contest of the season they will host the Sierra Foothill Nationals the only other team to defeat the Brewers.

The Bear River Yankees who's record is 9-5 will need a lot of help it they plan to play at this seasons TOC while the Bear River Tigers 6-10 have been mathematically been eliminated from the conversation.

Many feel there is a lot at stake as to who receives the #1 seed at the District 11 Major Tournament of Champions. BR's top seed will play Penn Valley Little League's second place team which is the PV Cubs who the Brewers dropped 10-2 and the A's also took care of easily by a score of 12-3 on June 16 at Sierra Foothill's field in Colfax.

BR's No. 2 team will likely play the Phillies which is Lincoln's A team who is currently 16-1 on June 15 at the Sierra Foothill Field in Colfax. The Lincoln team won a game this season by a score of 32-2. This is a coach who will obviously run up the score on their opponent.

CLICK HERE for the 2013 District 11 Tournament of Champions Bracket

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