Monday, January 6, 2014


Have you ever wondered how fishing in the Truckee area is? Well, before you make that drive all the way up the hill be sure to check out Mountain Hardware - Truckee's website. They offer great information on what water is open as well as what the flows are at various rivers and streams. If you have never been into the store then you are in for a big surprise. Yes it is a hardware store but it also has the best selection of fishing gear in the area. The staff is knowledgeable as well helpful.

The photo above is a shot of a Truckee River rainbow which was caught on a sculpin pattern fly. I cast into the white water and when the fly swung into the slower moving seam it was fish on.

The water is very very cold as well as low. Stay out of the water and you will need to be very sneaky in your shoreline approach.

If you are not the type of fisher to venture out of yourself then contact Gilligan's Guide Service which is located in Herschdale on Floriston Road. The link above has photos of various fish caught by Matt Koles' clients. Gilligan's also offer flies which are specific to the region.

"Leland's Keith Westra fished a day back in April with our buddy Matt "Gilligan" Koles. He's not only a fun guy to fish with, but knows the Truckee like no other. Book a trip with him and you'll not only be saying "dude" for the rest of the day, you'll learn how to stick fish on the Truckee," a client stated.

Matt loves the Truckee so much he has been a Board member of the Truckee River Chapter of Trout Unlimited (#103). 

When I fish the Truckee I like to fish big while others like to fish small. I did attend a seminar where Matt spoke of the river which runs through his back yard and man he taught me a think or two about my beloved Truckee. If you ever have a chance to listen to Koles speak then you should do it. The seminar was held at Reel Anglers Fly Shop in Grass Valley California which is owned and operated by Tom Page who is also a guide.

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