Monday, January 13, 2014


On Sunday my son and I made out annual trip to the Sacramento Expo Center for the International Sportsman's Exposition. This years show was great. While most of the displays and offerings were nothing new to me there were two things that stood out.

The first was an ancient concept fly rod that uses not reel. Look at the photo above what you see is what you use. The rod telescopes to as long as 13 feet so it is a perfect backpackers. The idea comes from Japan and Tenkara USA has brought it to the market place. Watch the video above to see how unique this fishing idea is.

The second item that was impressive was Dave Scadden's new Assault XX sets a new standard for frameless pontoon boat performance. Weighing in under 36 pounds and boasting a weight capacity of 1500 pounds with a class V whitewater rating, it definitely exudes performance.

It is one of the highest performance one-person boats Dave has ever designed but best of all it excels as a two-person boat. The coolest part about the new XX is the fact that it easily slips into an airline specific travel bag and comes out of the bag ready to go in under three minutes. No assembly required.

There were two speakers that caught my eye. The first was a professional bass fisherman who lives in Auburn. He and I fish many of the same lakes so we scheduled our day around listening to Cody Meyer. He spoke about fishing swim baits, plastics as well as jigs. Very good speaker and we both were glad we took the time to listen to his advise.

Meyer showed his techniques in the tank which had bass up to 14 pounds. 

The second speaker is also from Auburn California. J.D. Richie. He spoke on fish for strippers. I'm not a big stripper fisherman so we did not stay to long. But I did learn a few things.

Ritchey is a very good writer and fishing guide. His contact info can be found here.

To summarize the entire show. Very high priced merchandise along with very few new or innovative ideas. But certainly a great way my son and I to spend the day together talking about something we both love to do. See you next year.

Miscellaneous photos 

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