Saturday, September 21, 2013


It was a Big Day for the Bear River Junior Bruins football program when they hosted and swept the Antelope Titans at all levels. This is the first time in many years that the BRJB organization has won at all levels.

I attended the final two games of the day. In game one it was the Junior Midget Division. The better conditioned, smaller and quicker team earned the 20-6 win. The JM team was led by Daniel Tandem who scored from 16 yards out to take the lead in the first quarter. Calder Kunde scored from the 10. Austin Slinning had the longest run of the day which was good for 69 yards. Antelope scored with 20 seconds to play in the game.

In game two it was quarterback Clay Corripo who led the aerial attach along with a host of running backs. They can run as well as any junior team I have seen. The combination of size and speed in the back field makes the passing game that much easier. This is a run first team, but when Corripo does drop back to pass he looks at ease as he passed to his primary target Justin Kilgore who is one of the teams best receivers.

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