Saturday, March 2, 2013


The Ol'Republic Brewery in Nevada City has a reasons to celebrate. They not only have survived their first year in business they are expanding their brewing capacity. The brewery which is located in the Seven Hill's area of town has taken on 4,000 additional space as they are having a hard time keeping up with their customers demand for their high quality brews.

One of their newest creations which I found to be fabulous is an 8.5 % alcohol chocolate oatmeal stout which is part of their Project X Series called Cello Stout. If you like Stout or dark beer in general then you will enjoy this smooth Ol'Republic creation. While it is a high octane beverage it does not have a strong liquor favor like many of its rivals. But is does have a kick.

Ol' Republic owners Jim Harte and Simon Olny celebrating at Matteo's Public.

In conclusion, it is really great to see the owners hard work paying off.

From The brewery's website- The mission of ol’ Republic Brewery is to provide everyone who enjoys a great beer with world-class, quality handcrafted ales and lagers. After all, the name ‘Republic’ is derived from the Greek ‘res publica’ which translates as ‘for the people’. Hence the catchy slogan; Beer for the People!

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