Monday, August 24, 2015


While I was driving around this past weekend I noticed the No Oil Train Signs posted here and there. Perplexed as to what they mean. I spent a few hours learning what the issues are. Bottom line is the Phillips 66 refinery in Santa Maria is petitioning to link a track from their current location to the mail line track which travels along Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo.
The organization who is mounting an effort to stop the spur from attaching to the mail line is click here for the website
Of all the lings I read this exserpt from's opinion piece By LAURANCE SHINDERMAN and TOM RYAN
More than 56 public and private schools are in the blast zone as well as major hospitals and public safety facilities. These hospitals that are in the blast zone would have to be evacuated should there be an explosion with a debris field of toxic ash raining down; thus where would those needing treatment go?
That’s why more than 22 municipalities and school districts along the mainline including: Santa Barbara, San Jose, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Fremont, as well as the National Education Association and the local Lucia Mar Teachers Association and California Nurses Association have written letters to the SLO Planning Commission and County Supervisors in opposition to this dangerous project. Simply stated; lives matter, not profits.
Phillips 66 has repeatedly included comments in their corporate publications that higher profits from cheaper crude oil are the reason for bringing in oil by rail. This is a project that benefits the singular interests of one large multinational company, Phillips 66, the sixth largest company on the Fortune 500, while putting at risk the health, safety and financial well being of thousands of residents along the UPRR mainline.
Click here for the full article.
If this many residents are speak out against the spur it can't be good for the locals but the oil companies are well versed in getting what they want. 

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