Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Nevada Union Football has more coverage than a top high school wide receiver as the Miners add an App to their secondary which will allow you to follow the game in real time.

This Friday night a rivalry returns. Nevada Union's Varsity football team will travel to Placer High School to take on the Hillman. The kickoff is scheduled for 7:30. If you can not make it to the game but would like to follow the the game's action as it happens then follow the directions located in the photo below. There is a catch though, see the last line. NU is looking for a little help and so are those who can not attend.

If NU doesn't have anyone at the game who is making updates then try following Walter Ford (on Twitter) who is the sports editor of the Union Newspaper in Grass Valley. I'm sure he will be on the sidelines keeping you up to date as to how the game is progressing. For those of you that have an online subscription to The Union Ford posts his game story on the paper's website about 2 hours after is post game interviews. 

I'm sure you could catch the radio broadcast on KNCO or KaHi. As this is a storied event.

If high quality video with commentary which is produced by Touchdown Productions is your medium of choice then be sure to tune into NCTV on Saturday night at 8pm for a replay of the full game as well as 10pm Sunday. The game will also be available for viewing on Touchdown Production's Game of the Week YouTube channel mid-day Saturday.

Let's hope the Miner's secondary can cover the Hillman receivers the way the local media covers NU's team.

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