Monday, June 30, 2014


A few of Nevada County's Little League baseball teams are battling a few have been sent to the exit while others begin today. Nevada City's major All-stars and Penn Valley's major All-stars were sent to the exit after just two games. Local fans are in shock as Nevada City was District 11's odds on favorite. The Nevada City Angles did not drop a game in the regular season and their All-star team fell 13-5 to Sierra Foothill and then to Foresthill 7-3. Grass Valley is still alive and they play Foresthill at 6:30 in Nevada City. Sierra Foothill is the clear favorite in Area II as they have posted 46 runs and have given up 11 in three games including a 20-4 victory over Grass Valley. In that game SF hit three home runs in the first inning.

In the junior division where Area I and Area II teams play in the same bracket Penn Valley is the only unbeaten while Grass Valley, Bear River and Nevada City stand at 1-1. Tonight at Tri-City GV plays NC which will send one team home. The favorite to in this bracket is Lincoln. While their pitching may not be as strong as defending champion Auburn they have hitters and defenders all through their order. On a side not Lincoln won the District 11 Tournament of Champions this past week.

The 9/10 All-stars get underway today. Best of luck!

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