Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I will not attempt to show Michael Wilson of Colfax as a better passer than Jake Browning of Folsom but I will note that Wilson is having a great year in his own right. Wilson is a senior while Browning is a junior. Look out Sierra Foothill League teams as you will have to play against what I will call the 2013 National Player of the year in his final high school season. 

Below are a series of charts which compare Wilson and Browning head to head.

Yards per game, only in week two did the Colfax senior have more yards than Browning.

Browning has 49 touch downs on the season which is off is 2012 total of 69. Also in 2012 Browning threw for 5,238 yards. That is what Wilson has done in two seasons.

The ever so popular QB rating is also in favor of the Bulldog's signal caller.

Michael Wilson is a very skilled D-4 high school quarterback and very well may play in the college ranks in 2014 but one thing is for sure for Browning he will be playing at Folsom High next season. He is a must see player. If you would like to see a modern day gunslinger, then click here for his next show down.

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